Partner Program

Georgia Memory Net (GMN) is a statewide, state-funded initiative passed by the Georgia Assembly in 2017 as part of the Department of Human Services continuing budget to support the Georgia Alzheimer's and Related Dementias State Plan. GMN seeks to increase awareness of and screening for cognitive impairment among primary care providers, develop and maintain a network of Memory Assessment Clinics (MACs) statewide to expand access to diagnostic services and enhance linkages to community services and supports, and develop and deploy a robust IT infrastructure for comprehensive program impact evaluation. Many 2010-2015 Atlanta Regional Geriatric Education Center (ARGEC) Leaders serve in key roles in the development and ongoing management of the GMN.

Rebecca Dillard, ARGEC Lead for Program Evaluation, is the GMN Project Director, Ted Johnson serves as Senior Faculty Advisory for GMN's Primary Care Training Core, and Ken Hepburn serves as Lead and Senior Faculty Advisor for the GMN Community Services Education Core. While this $4.12M annual investment is groundbreaking, state-provided Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) funding does not address broader aging-related social and health needs in GA for older adults who do not have dementia. Yet, GMN offers a valuable architecture for GA-GWEP success, including access to public messaging, evaluation resources, outreach campaigns, community connections, and academic and public health connectivity.